Christian   ULYSSE PhD

CNRS Research Engineer


Dr. Christian Ulysse received his Ph.D. degree in Electronics in 2004 from the University of Paris 6 in the field of Superconducting detectors for THz applications. During a post-doctoral position at the Laboratory of Photonic and Nanostructures (LPN), he developed single-atom electron pumps for closing the quantum metrological triangle experiment in collaboration with the LNE (National Testing Laboratory). In 2006, he has integrated the CNRS as a research engineer. From 2006 to 2016, he developed various nanoscale devices made by electron beam lithography such as QPC, Josephson Junctions, nanopilars with an emphasis on Josephson junctions array development made by electron and Helium beam lithography.

Since the creation of the C2N (Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology) in June 2016, he is the technological deputy director of the Micro and Nano-Technologies Innovation Platform (PIMENT).

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10 Bd Thomas Gobert
91120 Palaiseau  FRANCE

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(+33) 1 70 27 06 36


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