The C2N Micro-Nano-Technology Facility: state-of-the art instrumentation for nanotechnologies


The C2N micro-nano-technology Facility belongs to the national nanofabrication network (RENATECH). This network supports all major public technological research centres.

Within the framework of the Renatech network, C2N supports more than hundred external projects every year, the technological investigation being developed in C2N while the project leader belongs to another lab. C2N process specialists evaluate the feasibility of the project, and define the technology to be exploited or to be developed in order to deliver the required structures or to perform high-end analysis.

The C2N expertise covers requirements such as delivery of MBE or MOVPE grown materials, micro and nano technologies, and also analysis.

The C2N micro-nano-technology Facility is open to academic researchers and industrial players, so that they can develop their strategic research axes in the fields of expertise of C2N.  More specifically, the future C2N campus will make available dedicated areas for specific technological developments to companies, with particular attention paid to the needs of start-ups and young SMEs.