HF vapor wet etching

The idonus hydrofluoric HF vapor enables stiction-free release by thermally-controlled etching of the silicon dioxide layer.   /   IDONUS

Contacts :   CERCUS   Jean-Luc     /   LE ROUX   Xavier

Etching in an HF acid vapor atmosphere is a quasi-dry process. By controlled heating of thesubstrate, the amount of vaporon the wafer –and thus the etching rate of SiO2–can be adjustedin a reproducible means. Sincethe wafer is never incontact with any liquid, stiction-free MEMS release can be achievedwith a high yield. Typical etch rates of SiO2achievable with HF in vapor phase are in the range of 4–10μm/hour.

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    The idonus hydrofluoric acid Vapor Phase Etching(VPE)


  • Temperature   :   35°C to 60°C