Dielectric Deposition and Thermal Treatments


A short description of the ressource


IAD Plassys MEB 800

Ion assisted electron beam deposition. Dielectric thin films.

Sputtering Plassys MP800S

Sputtering deposition technique. Dielectric thin films.


Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition - Dielectric Thin films


Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition HF/LF Generators - Dielectric thin films

ALD Fiji 200

Atomic Layer Deposition equipment - Dielectric thin films

Parylene Coating Equipment Comelec C30H ALD

Atomic Layer Deposition equipment - Parylene thin films

Vegatec Annealing ovens / oxidation furnaces

4 tubular annealing/oxidation ovens.

Rapid Thermal Annealing AET

Rapid thermal annealing equipment

Nabertherm tubular oven

Single Tubular oven

Polymer annealing oven Eberlé

Smooth atmospherical thermal treatment for polymer materials up to 300°C

RTA Jipelec JetFirst

Rapid Thermal Annealing equipment

RTA Home-made

Rapid Thermal annealing