Cl-, Br- based plasma ICP-RIE equipment   /   SENTECH

Contacts :   FERLAZZO   Laurence     /   CERCUS   Jean-Luc

C2N has a long experience of III.V material nanometric etching for various applications like photonics. On this equipement chloride and bromide etching has been developed for nanometric size patterns (photonic crystals, nanopilars,..) and micrometric patterns up to 20µm high etched.

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    ICP-RIE Sentech ICP1


  • Mode   :   Restricted access / No deep etching (>>20µm)
  • Materials   :   III.V material
  • Gas Line   :   Cl2, BCl3, HBr, SiCl4, HCl, CH4, H2, SiH4, O2, He, Ar, N2
  • Sample Size   :   up to 4"
  • Pressure   :   0 to 75mTorr
  • ICP power   :   1000 W
  • Power   :   Bias power 600W
  • Temperature range   :   20 to 190°C
  • Detectors   :   End point detector : laser interferometry 670nm

GaAs anisotropic deep etching

GaAs ridges : 10µm anisotropic deep etching

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Contacts : Laurence Ferlazzo

GaAs nanometric highly anisotropic etching

GaAs nanopilars for phononics w=55nm, h=480nm

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Contacts : Laurence Ferlazzo

InP nanometric highly anisotropic etching

Nanometric structures with high aspect ratio for photonic cristals, nanopilars,... 460nm high photonic cristals on InP

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Contacts : Fabrice Raineri