Research and development Cl- and Br- based plasma ICP-RIE equipment. Campains operations. Plasma tools available.   /   SENTECH

Contacts :   CERCUS   Jean-Luc     /   FERLAZZO   Laurence

C2N has a long experience of III.V material nanometric etching for various applications like photonics. Process developments on GaAs, InP, InGaAs, GaN have been suported by the numerous plasma analysis tools available on this equipement. Many developments are carried on using chlorine and bromide plasmas on other materials like inox, GeSn, ...

  • Space
    ICP-RIE Sentech ICP2


  • Mode   :   Restricted access
  • Materials   :   All materials allowed. Campaign operations to avoid cross contaminations.
  • Gas Line   :   Gas lines : Cl2, BCl3, HBr3, SiCl4, HCl, SiH4, H2, Ar, N2, He,
  • Pressure   :   0 à 99 mTorr
  • ICP power   :   2000W
  • Power   :   Bias power 600W
  • Temperature range   :   20 to 250°C
  • Detectors   :   End point detector : laser interferometry 670nm
  • Detectors   :   OES, mass spectrometry, electronic and ion probes for plasma diagnostics