Oxygen and fluorine CCP-RIE equipment   /   NEXTRAL

Contacts :   CERCUS   Jean-Luc     /   FERLAZZO   Laurence

C2N has a strong experience in anisotropic etching for various applications (photonic,). On this equipement main applications are dielectric etching mask fabrication, resist etching or descum.

  • Space
    CCP-RIE Nextral equipement n°2


  • Mode   :   No restricted access / restricted materials for limited cross contamination
  • Power   :   max 600W
  • Gas Line   :   SF6, CHF3, 02
  • Materials   :   Material restricted to SiO2, SI3N4, SI and thin resist etching (<1µm). Restricted etching mask : resists, metal exceptionally (metal exposed surface ~1/100 of the sample, ex : nanopilars)
  • Temperature range   :   5-40°C
  • Type of substrate holder   :   Si 6"
  • Detectors   :   End point detector : laser interferometry 670nm

Si3N4 etching mask

Si3N4 etching mask

Contacts : Jean-Luc Cercus / Laurence Ferlazzo