Low Vacuum tabletop SEM, small chamber   /   Hitachi

Contacts :   BAYLE   Fabien     /   DUPUIS   Christophe

Low Vacuum (pressure up to 300 Pa) tabletop SEM with "hairpin" W filament, small chamber

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    Overview of the system
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    Chamber overview featuring stage, CCD-IR camera, ETD detector and Pole Piece of objective lens
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    Overview of the software interface (High/Variable Pressure vacuum mode)
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    Overview of the software interface (BSE configuration tab)
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    Sample holders


  • Emitter   :   W "hairpin" filament with Wehnelt cap cover (electrostatic lens)
  • Column   :   2-stage condenser lens
  • Objective lens   :   without mobile aperture
  • Stage   :   Motorized X&Y (driven by external controller with joystick), Manual Z, R, T
  • Detectors   :   ETD (Everhart-Thornley), BSE (4-quads Silicon) retractable and CCD-IR in chamber
  • Resolution   :   3.5 nm @ 20 kV (SE)
  • Resolution   :   4.5 nm @ 25 kV (BSE)


Topographical observation of micro-devices obtained by cleanroom processes (thin film deposition, lithography, etching)

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Microelectromechanical systems

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