Alliance Concept AC450

RF/DC cathodic co-sputtering equipment. 3 x 3" confocal targets.   /   Alliance concept

Contacts :   MARTIN   Antoine     /   AASSIME   Abdelhanin

RF/DC Co-sputtering depositions. Metallic thin films and some reactive sputtering depositions.

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    Alcatel AC450
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    co pulvérisation cathodique AC 450


  • Available Metals   :   Ti, Al, Au, V, Pt...
  • Power   :   1 x RF 600W (Targets)
  • Power   :   1 x RF 300W (Bias Mode, substrate holder)
  • Power   :   2 x 2kW DC (Targets)
  • Max temperature   :   up to 500°C
  • Gas Line   :   Ar, N2, O2, Xe
  • Type of substrate holder   :   Rotating substrate holder
  • Vacuum   :   Turbo molecular Pumping

TiO2 phase anatase

Development of a recipe for obtaining a thin layer of titanium oxide in the anatase crystallographic phase. The purpose of this study was to create micro batteries implanted in cardiac pacemakers.

Contacts : Antoine MARTIN