Thermal Evaporator BEL 310

Thermal evaporator metallic thin films   /   Alcatel

Contacts :   LEROY   Laetitia     /   COURAUD   Laurent

The BEL 310 is a thermal evaporation equipment allowing to the deposition of metallic thin layers of metals with low melting temperature

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    Alcatel Evap BEL310


  • Allowed metals   :   In, Zn, Al, Au, Cu, Sb, SnPb, Ag, Mn,....
  • Working pressure   :   <2e-6mbar
  • Limit vacuum   :   5e-7mbar
  • Max sample size   :   2"
  • Source   :   2 crucilbles for Joules effect
  • Gas Line   :   Ar, O2
  • Number of Quartz   :   1

Brasure SLID AuIn2

Bonding for the transfer of active layer

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Contacts : Laetitia Leroy


In/Au deposit

for hetero epitaxial bonding

Contacts : Laetitia Leroy

In/Cu deposit

for electrical contact

Contacts : Laetitia Leroy

Mn/Au deposit

Ohmic contact p+

Contacts : Laetitia Leroy, Laurent Couraud

AlF3, WO3

Direct writing

Contacts : Laetitia Leroy, Laurent Couraud