Large Variable Pressure (low vac/high vac) Scanning Electron Microscope Tungsten filament.   /   Hitachi

Contacts :   BAYLE   Fabien     /   DUPUIS   Christophe   /   MAHUT   Frederic

Variable Pressure (low vacuum/high vacuum) Scanning Electron Microscope with Hair pin Tungsten filament and very large chamber. SE, BSE (retractable), ESED/AE (low vac), EDX detectors.

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  • Detectors   :   SE, retractable BSE, ESED/AE preamplifier (low vac), EDX-nitrogen cooled Si(Li) 10mm^2
  • Pressure   :   From 1 to 300 Pa with "Low Vacuum" mode
  • Stage   :   5 axis motorized compucentric stage
  • Resolution   :   3nm @ 25kV WD=5mm
  • Resolution   :   4.5 nm @ 25kV 1Pa (BSE mode)
  • Electron gun   :   Hairpin tungsten filament
  • Others   :   Column: 2-stage condenser
  • Voltage   :   1kV - 30kV (low HV emission bias)
  • Magnification   :   x20 to x300000
  • Max sample size   :   10 inches
  • Objective lens   :   HR (field free)

Observation and EDX analysis of thin films and micro-devices

é imaging (topography, roughness) and elemental analysis (region of interest, line profile, mapping) of thin films and micro-devices realized by clean room processes (vacuum deposition, optical lithography, etching)

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Contacts : Fabien BAYLE

Micro-analysis layers reconstruction

EDX Micro-analysis of thin layer stacks using dedicated Stratagem software to reconstruct {material, thickness} stacks of multi-layered vacuum deposits.

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Contacts : Fabien BAYLE


MEMS (Microelectromechanical systems)

3D overview of the micro-devices using Tilt

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Contacts : Fabien BAYLE