FTIR small sample   /   Varian (Agilent)

Contacts :   BAYLE   Fabien  

FTIR-NIR /MIR coupled to Cassegrain microscope with polarizer and micro-ATR PIKE accessories

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    FTIR small sample microscope design
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    Overview of the system


  • Light source   :   Duraglow ceramic & Tungsten halogen
  • Others   :   Beamsplitter: KBr (7500-375 cm-1) and Quartz (15800-2800 cm-1)
  • Others   :   Interferometer: 57 mm dynamically aligned, 60° air bearing Michelson
  • Detectors   :   Spectrometer : DLaTGS (Peltier cooled) and Si
  • Detectors   :   Microscope: MCT (high sensitivity, Liquid nitrogen cooled) and Si
  • Stage   :   motorized sample holder
  • Max sample size   :   4 inches
  • Purge type   :   Nitrogen 10 to 20L/min
  • Objective lens   :   IR Cassegrain x15 ; VIS x10
  • Others   :   Accessories: polarizer, micro-ATR (Ge hemisphere)

MIR-NIR spectrometry

Mid-Infra-Red (MIR) and Near-Innfra-Red (NIR) absorption spectrometry: 12000 – 400 cm-1 nominal (0,7 - 25 µm) Coupled to VIS-IR microscope (with IR polarizer), in reflection and transmission paths

Contacts : Fabien BAYLE, Etienne HERTH


Local Characterization of surfaces with micro-ATR hemisphere

Contacts : Fabien BAYLE


Metamaterials spectra (trans./refl.) under // or  polarization

Contacts : Fabien BAYLE

Spatially resolved measurements

Spatially resolved measurements: mapping under microscope (uniformity, free carriers absorption, plasma frequency)

Contacts : Fabien BAYLE


Chemical bonds

Identification and quantification of chemical bonds, mapping 5x5mm

Contacts : Fabien BAYLE

Micro-devices materials insight

Substitution atoms, interstitials (C, O). Surface functionalization. Gazeous atmosphere within encapsulation.

Contacts : Fabien BAYLE

Thickness measurements

Suspended Membranes, thin films thickness (mapping)

Contacts : Fabien BAYLE


Electrochemistry, corrosion

Contacts : Fabien BAYLE