Electron beam lithography   /   RAITH

Contacts :   COUDEVYLLE   Jean-Rene     /   CAMBRIL   Edmond

In September 2019 the electron beam writer Raith EBPG5200 has been installed at C2N in a dedicated cleanroom of class 10 (ISO 4) with high precision temperature control at 21 ± 0.1° C. This stability in temperature is a prerequisite for the minimization of thermal drift in the electron optics, and thus, for the excellent performance of the system. The EBPG5200 is a high performance nanolithography system used to pattern large areas by high-resolution electron beam lithography. It is a vector-scan direct write tool with a Gaussian shaped beam which operate up to 100 keV acceleration voltage with an exposure 125 MHz pattern generator. This instrument has substrate holders to handle samples of 10x10 mm² up to 200 mm wafers.

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    EBPG 5200 C2N


  • Emitter   :   Field effect gun
  • Others   :   100 keV
  • Frequency   :   125 MHz
  • Current   :   50pA to 300nA
  • Resolution   :   sub 10 nm
  • Positioning accuracy   :   0.15 nm
  • Others   :   160x160 µm² to 1040x1040µm²
  • Substrates   :   1 cm square to 8 inches wafer
  • Thickness   :   up to 10 mm thick samples
  • Spot size   :   2 nm at 5nA
  • Others   :   writing along Z-axis

Tailoring ebeam lithography

Using GenIsys BEAMER software, we can simulate and correct the proximity effect to realize a Fresnel lens in PMMA.

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Contacts : Edmond Cambril, edmond.cambril@c2n.upsaclay.fr

Sub-wavelength engineering of silicon

Periodic structuration with feature sizes as small as 50 nm and total lengths reaching tens of millimetres.

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Contacts : Carlos Ramos, carlos.ramos@universite-paris-saclay.fr; Xavier Le Roux, xavier.leroux@universite-paris-saclay.fr.