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Contacts :   COUDEVYLLE   Jean-Rene     /   AASSIME   Abdelhanin

The Nanobeam NB4 is a commercial grade, gaussian round beam, vector scan, electron beam lithography system. This system operate at 80kV and is capable of multi level nanopatterning such as sub 20nm features with an overlay/stiching accuracy below 40nm.

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    NB4 Column


  • Emitter   :   Field effect gun
  • Others   :   80 keV
  • Frequency   :   up to 55 MHz
  • Current   :   0.5 nA to 40 nA
  • Resolution   :   sub 20nm
  • Positioning accuracy   :   1 nm
  • Others   :   150x150µm² to 1x1 mm²
  • Substrates   :   0.5 cm square to 6 inches wafers
  • Spot size   :   4 nm at 2 nA
  • Alignment accuracy   :   40 nm

Multi step process combining nanometric scale writing

The system permits multi level writing: First the holes are perflectly centrered on the wave guides. A second lithography has defined the subwavelength mixer

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Contacts : E. Cassan,, X. Le Roux,

Combining nanometric scale with large area writing for photonic application

A 50nm gap for photonic application. The writing combines large area and sub micrometric gap in the same lithography. The resist (200nm) used is Zep 520 A or CSar AR-P 6200.09 and the structures are etched in DRIE for 80nm depth.

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Contacts : Jean-René Coudevylle, Xavier Leroux


A Fano cavity

A standalone Fano cavity, consisting of a MMI-like input structure, a nanobeam cavity (700nm large, 15 µm long, and 50 holes 70 to 100nm hole radius) , a subwavelength mixer and a directional coupler. This specific fabrication process combine differents steps: Realizing wave guides on SOI with large writing are and a coupling gap in the same writing step (details of the gap and the wave guide in pictures). "J. Zhang, X. Le Roux, et Al., Generating Fano Resonances in a Single-Waveguide Silicon Nanobeam Cavity for Efficient Electro-Optical Modulation, October 2018, ACS Photonics, DOI: 10.1021/acsphotonics.8b00867"

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Contacts : E. Cassan,, X. Le Roux,